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term definition
Narrative art Art that represents elements of a story. While history painting depicts famous events, genre painting depicts events of a more everyday sort.

Neo-Classicism A nineteenth century French art style and movement that originated as a reaction to the Baroque and Rococo. It sought to revive the ideals of ancient Greek and Roman art. Neoclassic artists used classical forms to express their ideas about courage, sacrifice, and love of country. In Latin America this movement was closely tied to the art academies and the upper classes.

Neo-Concretism Brazilian movement was formed in reaction to the mathematical certainty of Concrete Art. Artists like Ltgia Clark, Helio Oiticica, Amilcar de Castro were the groups chief members, and they introduced subjective, symbolic, and organic dimensions to their work. According to the poet-critic Ferreira Gullarís 1959 "Neoconcrete Manifesto", Neoconcretism was born of the need to express the complex reality of modern man within the structural language of the new plastic art. It denies the validity of scientific and positivist attitudes in art. It restates the problem of expression, incorporating the new ‘verbalí dimensions characteristic of neofigurative constructivist art.

Nueva Figuracion Argentine movement formed in 1962 that sought to re-institute the figure in what heretofore had largely been a modern movement dominated by abstraction with Luis Noé, Ernesto Deira, Jorge de la Vega, and Antonio Seguí, and Romulo Maccio; they worked in a variety of media and styles.

Nueva Presencia In 196o, the Mexican artists, Arnold Belkin (1930-1992) and Francisco Icaza (b. 1930) founded the group Nueva Presencia, which until 1963 published five issues of a magazine under the same name. The group promoted individual expression and figurative art reflecting the contemporary human condition. The second issue of Nueva Presencia states: "Figurative art returned with a vengeance as an international movement. Its expressive content is a reaction to more than fifteen years to terrible artistic and human void engendered by uncommitted painting and sculpture, 'non-figurative' painting and sculpture."

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