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term definition
Landscape A painting, photograph or other work of art which depicts scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and forests.

Linear perspective In art, a system by which three-dimensional space can be convincingly portrayed on a two-dimensional surface. The lines of buildings and other objects in a picture are slanted inward making them appear to extend back into space. If lengthened these lines will meet at a point along an imaginary horizontal line representing the eye level. Each such imaginary line is called an orthogonal. The point at which such lines meet is called a vanishing point.

Lithography Lithography involves a flat, lightweight, planographic surface on which the printing area is no higher than the nonprinting area; it depends for its action on the mutual repulsion of grease and water. A drawing is made on the stone or plate with a greasy crayon or tusche, and then washed with water. When ink is applied it sticks to the greasy drawing but runs off (or is resisted by) the wet surface allowing a print-- a lithograph-- to be made of the drawing. The artist, or other print maker under the artist's supervision, then covers the plate with a sheet of paper and runs both through a press under light pressure. For color lithography separate drawings are made for each color.

LOA Supernatural being voodoo. Usually translated as "god" or "divinity", it is in fact more a genie, demon or spirit.

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