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term definition
Baroque The art style of the Counter-Reformation in the seventeenth century. Although some features appear in Dutch art, the Baroque style was limited mainly to Catholic countries, both in Europe and abroad in their colonial holdings. It is a style in which painters, sculptors, and architects sought emotion, movement, and variety in their works.

Binary Colors Colors made by the mixing of two hues. Examples are orange, green, and purple.

Botanica A religious shop which specializes in Santeria paraphemalia especially botanicals, candles, incense, and religious images.

Broadside In printing, a large sheet of paper that has printed text primarily with little or no graphic. It is often used as an advertisement or an announcement. Broadsides have often been folded. Also called a broadsheet.

Brushstroke The result of a brush loaded with paint or ink leaving some of that paint on a surface. Because brushstrokes can vary so greatly, their individual and cumulative effects are of great concern in the Formalist discussion of paintings.

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