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term definition
Earth Art Term used form the mid 1960s to describe temporal works of art, either in art galleries or in the open, which made use of natural materials such as earth, rocks turf, and snow.

Editioning The process of producing a specific number of a single print, authorized by the artist, which makes up the signed and numbered edition.

Effigy Vessel A type of pot representing a figure or an animal, either abstractly or figuratively, produced by a large number of Pre-Columbian Cultures.

El Machete A newspaper/manifesto working for social equality. It was organized by the Union of Mexican Workers, Techniques, Painters and Sculptors in 1923, which became closely linked to the Mexican Communist Party was closely connected to the mural movement, and contained many of the paintersí first experiments with woodcuts.

Embossing Any process such as carving, casting, stamping, chasing, or molding that makes patterns or Figurative compositions stand out in relief. Sometimes also used as a synonym for repoussé.

Enamel Colored glass, in powder form and sometimes bound with oil, which is bonded to a metal surface or Plaque firing. It is chemically identical with glass, consisting of a mixture of silica (from quartz or sand), soda or potash, and lead. These ingredients are usually made opaque by adding other metallic oxides.

Encaustic A painting technique which originated in ancient times, using pigments mixed with hot wax as a binder.

Engraving A method of cutting or incising a design into generally metal or wood, with a sharp tool called a graver. The artist, by the placement and thickness of the line, determines either a dense and detailed image, or an image with a sketchy or feathery quality. One of the intaglio methods of making prints, in engraving, a print can be made by inking such an incised (engraved) surface. It may also refer to a print produced in this way.

Escuelas de Pintura al Aire Libre Open-air painting schools developed in Mexico as artistic teaching projects during the period of the Revolution

Etching The process by which a metal plate is coated with an acid-resistant wax-base substance called a ground. An etching needle, which has an extremely fine point, is used to draw the image on the plate. The surface ground is removed wherever the point of the needle makes contact with the plate. The plate is immersed in a tray containing an acid bath. The acid bites into the plate in the lines exposed by the etching tool; the length of time the plate is exposed to the acid determines the strength of the line.

Expressionism Art in which the physical forms arise, not directly form observed reality, but form subjective reactions to reality. Also, any art in which conventional ideas of Realism and Proportion seem to have been overridden by the artist's emotion, with resultant caricatured, exaggerated distortions of shape and colour.

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