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term definition
Generative art See Arte Generativo

Genre Type of painting concerned with the realistic depiction of subjects and scenes from everyday life. Genre paintings deal with ordinary life and common activities, including family life, sports, street scenes, picnics, festivals, and tavern scenes. They are usually characterized by human interest and by the care and finish with which they are executed.

Gesso From the Italian for gypsum or plaster. This is used in the making of grounds for painting. The traditional gesso is made from a combination of hide glue and whiting, sometimes with pigment added. It makes a smooth, hard non-yellowing surface that is very absorbent. This ground is only for rigid supports because it is brittle. There are other gesso grounds made of half chalk and half oil. These can be used on flexible surfaces. The most common use of the term "gesso" today, is in the acrylic gessoes. They are not as absorbent as the traditional ones, but are very strong and flexible. They can be used on any clean surface.

Gestural Painting A general term for the work of many American Abstract Expressionists and also that of European artists working in the same vein. Formalists contend that the form on the canvas are records of the artist's characteristic physical gesture and therefore express not only his emotions and intent at the time when the painting was made, but also his whole personality.

Graffiti Art The word graffiti is the plural word for scratch in Italian. The actual practice of graffiti goes back to the Egyptians, but it was not thought of as an art form until the 1970's when the art world saw the work of street teens in the New York subways. There were some shows and artists acknowledged, but as soon as the street art came into the galleries of New York, the interest faded. This fading of interest has been posited as being connected to a lack of marketability and salability of the work itself.

Graphic Art A form of artistic expression where the statement is made, usually on paper, in two-dimensional form; in its most general application, graphic arts encompasses such forms as drawing, painting, prints, and photography. Specifically, the term is restricted to prints and, by extension, to artworks created for reproduction by a printing process. The term also includes the design and production of publications and commercial art.

Grupo CAYC Argentine group of artists. It was founded in Buenos Aires in 1971 as the Grupo de los Trece by the critic Jorge Glusberg and renamed Grupo CAYC because of its close association with the Centro de Arte y Comunicación. Its chief members were Jacques Bedel, Luis Benedit, Jorge Glusberg, Victor Grippo, the sculptors Leopoldo Maler, Alfredo Portillos and Clorindo Testa.

Grupo Minorista A group of socially conscious artists and intellectuals working in Havana, Cuba. Their manifesto was published in May, 1927. It sates: "Collectively or individually, our nucleus has fought and is still fighting: For the revision of false and outmoded values; For popular art and, in general, new art in all its diverse forms; For Cuban independence. Against Yankee imperialism. Against political dictatorships throughout the world, in the Americas, in Cuba;"

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