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Argelia Bravo


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Argelia Bravo Melet
(b. Caracas, Venezuela, 1962)

Argelia Bravo is a Venezuelan artist whose works include noteworthy contributions that are changing both the relations between art, society, politics and culture in general, and canonized views of art.

Her approach is unfailingly critical and demanding, and covers gender activism, documentary video and political insurgency in symbolic production, hand in hand with the languages of contemporary art and its capacity to transform, i.e., art as a means of engaging in symbolic, effective struggles against discrimination, in favor of respect for the rights of humanity, equity and difference (gender, culture, ethnic origin) and against abuses of power and authority. Against that background, Bravo generates discourses that encompass ordinary and extraordinary experiences.

This interview from 2010 is by Albeley Rodrí¬≠guez, researcher and curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas.

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