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Laboratorio Curatorial 060 (Mexico City)

Formed in 2003, Lc060 is an inter-disciplinary collective that explores the potential impact of contemporary art practices on different social issues. Now made up of three members –Lourdes Morales, Javier Toscano and Daniela Wolf – others such as Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Sol Henaro and Mariana Munguía have also taken part in the group and in defining certain projects. The entry and exit of various "accomplices" with whom to engage in collaborative work is one of the group’s characteristics.

Questioning and redefining curatorial practices is a constant theme. Their first pieces, Repertorio sistemático de consulta rápida para el estudiante y el profesional con definiciones acordes con la realidad del mundo actual (Galería CANAIA, November 2003–February 2004, Mexico City) and Efecto invernadero (Art & Idea Gallery, May–June 2004, Vienna) were still confined to galleries, but since then their projects have gone beyond and invaded public spaces. Tráfico (November 2004) takes place in the central lanes of the Periférico, a traffic-choked inner ring road in Mexico City. As they themselves state, this "curatorial action" was a turning point in their work and marked their subsequent line. Since then the public sphere has become a central focus of their thoughts. The public domain, a space where discourses and social systems are contaminated, allows them to investigate art outside its traditional areas of action. These concerns reached a high point in Frontera. Esbozo para la creación de una sociedad del future (Border: Outline for Creating a Future Society, 2006-2007), a project lasting over two years and combining dialogues, interventions and negotiations in Frontera Corozal, a small community on the Mexico-Guatemala border. Perched on the limits between curatorial practice and art practice, LC060 are difficult to define or classify: rather than establishing certainties, their aim lies more in raising questions.

- Gabriela A. Piñero


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