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The Dangerous Logic of Wooing by Ernesto       Neto

The Dangerous Logic of Wooing by Ernesto       Neto

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Ernesto Neto

The Dangerous Logic of Wooing by Ernesto       Neto


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(b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazi, 1964).
Ernesto Neto's education was in the Escuela de Artes Visiones, Pargua Lage, Rio de Janeiro from 1994-1997. Neto encompasses the scientific interpretation of atoms and biological sexual entities onto his sculptural organic art forms. His large installations are often room-size, membranelike compartment made from translucent stretchy fabric that requires activation by the viewer to give it full meaning. The interaction of the forms resemble a human interaction,"In a male-female relationship there is the child and the family, which are very important figures in my work. It is fusion...generating another particle." Some of Ernesto Neto's solo exhibitions include: 1999, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston; 1998, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carillo Gil, Mexico City; 1997 Fundacao Cultural de Distrito Federal, Brasilia; 1996 Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago; 1993 Museo Moderna de Sao Paulo; and 1988 Petit Galerie, Rio de Janeiro. Collaborative exhibitions inc

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