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Chromatic Rhythms III by Alfredo       Hilto

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Alfredo Hilto

Chromatic Rhythms III by Alfredo       Hilto


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(b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1925, d. 1993).
Hilto studied at the School of Fine Arts and was soon influenced by the constructivist theories of Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García. In 1945 he co-founded the Arte-Concreto-Invención Association and signed the Manifiesto Invencionista, which called for the creation of a concrete art without reference to any recognizable object. In 1948 he exhibited with the Association in the Salon des Realites Nouvelles, Paris. In 1950 (the Association had already split) Hlito took part of the Arte Concreto exhibition at the Modern Art Institute. The next year he co-founded with Tomás Maldonado the magazine New Vision and in the following years he showed his work at the Museum of Modern Art in Río de Janeiro, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Sío Paulo Bienal. By 1953, he began to experiment with a Pointillist technique, placing bright color dots on the canvass that would give a grainy, scintillat

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