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Iran do Espirito Santo


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(b. Mococa, Brazil, 1963). He studied art at FAAP University, Sao Paulo. In 1987, he participated in the Sío Paulo Biennial with a group of works exploring conventional representation, its physical characteristics and its placement in space in an incisive and humorous way. In the 1990's, his works began to present a more evident detachment from tradition. Espirito Santo's artistic generation has been influenced by Neo-Dadaism. They have incorporated both high and low cultures, and experimented with new media, including installations. Artists like Iran are abreast of international tendencies but they are also looking at the work of the conceptual Brazilian artists of the 60's, artists such as Lygia Clark, Regina Silveira, and Helio Oiticica. Iran has participated in various solo and group shows nationally and internationally, including a solo show at the Paul Morris Gallery in New York, 1999 and the Istanbul Biennial in Turkey, 1999.

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