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Between Us by Graciela       Sacco

Bocanada (Mouth Full), 1994 (detail) by Graciela       Sacco

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Graciela Sacco

Bocanada (Mouth Full), 1994 (detail) by Graciela       Sacco


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Graciela Sacco
(b. Rosario, Argentina, 1957).

Graciela Sacco has a degree in Fine Arts of the National University of Rosario. She has also been teaching "Issues in Latin American Art of the XX Century" in this university. Nowadays she coordinates creative workshops, and teaches courses and seminars in graphic techniques. She is also investigating the impact of light in the aesthetic realm.

Sacco is well known for her theoretical works dedicated to investigate the 1960's aesthetic avant-garde in Argentina, as well as for her book "Solar Writings" in which she investigates the heliographic technique applied to the arts. Since 1982 she has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her concern for the relationship between art and everyday life has driven her to intervene in public and private spaces.

Her early work is well known for her use of heliography (sun writing), an early photographic technique involving the transfer of an image by placing it on a chemically treated surface exposed to sunlight. Sacco also employs a technique she refers to as photoserigraphy, which enables her to imprint thrown shadows on transparent acrylic sheets. By manipulating light and shadow, radically cropping images of the human body, and blowing up photographs of crowds and demonstrations, her work touches on the political by focusing on the human.

She was invited for the Atlantic center for the Arts as a Master Artists-in-Residence program in September of 2005, Florida. U.S.A. She was invited to do a residence in Delfina Studio, London during the summer of 2002 and in la Cite des Artes, Paris during the winter of 2003. Sacco has represented Argentina at severals Biennales including Venice 2001, Havana 2000/97, Mercosur 1997 and Sao Pablo 1996. She has been invited to the 2004 Shanghai Biennale, exhibited her work at the New World Museum in Houston (2004) and exhibited in Art Basel Miami (2004). Her work has been included in major exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world including: Chile, Denmark, Argentina, Guatemala, México, Brasil, Spain,England and France. For many years Sacco has been a Professor of 20th Century Latin American Art at the University of Rosario in Argentina.

In this 2002 interview, curator Bill Kelley Jr speaks to Sacco about her photographic method as well as her interest in memory and image.

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