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Rompecabezas (Puzzles) by  Jorge Luis        de la Vega

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Jorge Luis de la Vega

Rompecabezas (Puzzles) by  Jorge Luis        de la Vega


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(b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1930; d. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1971)
De La Vega studied architecture for six years at the University of Buenos Aires, but in art he is largely self-taught. His first works, during the 1950's were sensitive geometric abstractions. In 1961 he took part in the exhibition Otra Figuracion at the Galeria Peuser in Buenos Aires with Ernesto Deira, Romulo Maccio and Luis Felipe Noe, working in a style derived from the CoBrA group; this was a milestone in the renewal of Argentine figurative painting. The Surrealist elements visible in this early work disappeared during the two years (1965-7) that he lived in the USA, first to teach painting at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and then on a Fulbright fellowship. On his return to Argentina he taught composition and art history and began to paint psychologically penetrating pictures of male and female faces and body parts, such as Jigsaw Puzzle (1967), in a bold graphic style reminiscent of poster designs. Captu

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