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Los Quatro Plurentes by Xul       Solar

Pareja (Couple) by Xul       Solar

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Xul Solar

Pareja (Couple) by Xul       Solar


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(b. Buenos Aires, 1887; d. Delta du Tigre Argentina, 1963).
Solar is best known for his life long "neocrillio" project that combined writing and visual imagery. He was born Oscar Agustin Alejandro Schulz Solari to German-Italian immigrant parents. He left home and traveled to France, England, Germany and Italy at the age of sixteen. He studied art in Italy was included in his first exhibition in 1920 along with the sculptor Arturo Martini. Solar returned to Argentina in 1924 and became involved with the journal "Martin Fierro. The "neocriollo' combined his interests in philosophy, linguistics, astrology and music. Solar worked primarily in watercolor and tempera painting humorous fantasy images often depicting inventive landscapes and futuristic cities. His work on the "neocriollo evolved over the many years he worked on them so that by the 1960s they had become monochromatic and eventually images reduced to symbols, signs and abstract forms. Solar was given a retrospective exhibiti

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