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Estado Mayor de Bufones by  José Clemente        Orozco

The Lanced by  José Clemente        Orozco

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José Clemente Orozco

The Lanced by  José Clemente        Orozco


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(b. Cuidad Guzman, Mexico, 1883; d. Mexico City, 1949).
Orozco is recognized as one of the most significant Mexican artists and best known for his instrumental role in the Mexican Mural movement. Orozco was born in 1883 in Cuidad Guzman. But moved to Mexico City with his family at a young age. There he gained an interest in the arts and was allowed to observe in the engraving workshop of the well know José Guadalupe Posada. While in high school he took classes in art and then later devoted himself to studying art full time after an accident left him without the use of his left hand and with significant hearing loss and damage to one eye. He studied at San Carlo Academy where Dr. Atl was the director and pushed the school in a more modern and liberal direction. When Dr. Atl was dismissed from his directorial position because of a students' strike. Orozco joined his "Centro Artistico" group. Orozco began working as a cartoonist during the Mexican Revolution for a revolutionary

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