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Physichromie Nº 467 by Carlos       Cruz-Diez

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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Physichromie Nº 467 by Carlos       Cruz-Diez


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(b. Caracas, Venezuela, 1923).
Cruz-Diez gained recognition for what he referred to as kinetic art, based on the kinetic properties of color. Cruz-Diez was born in Caracas in 1923. He earned a degree in Art Education and manual arts from the School of Plastic and Applied Arts. Early on in his career he worked in advertising as an art director and an illustrator. He also taught applied arts at the School of Applied Arts in Caracas. In 1955 he traveled to Barcelona where he became interested in and began to study kinetic properties of color. He traveled to Paris and studied the work of George Seurat and Joseph Albers. The first series of kinetic works he created were Physichromies. These works were perceptual experiments that explored the viewer's physical interaction with his paintings. He has exhibited internationally and received the International Painting Prize for the 1967 Sío Paulo Bienal. Cruz-Diez more recent works such as the series Transchromies attempt to integrate

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