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TLQNSDEP by  Galería de Comercio

Tapete by  Galería de Comercio

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Galería de Comercio

Tapete by  Galería de Comercio


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Galería de Comercio
(Mexico, 2010)

La Galería de Comercio is an entity with seven heads (Abraham Cruzvillegas, Alejandra España, Jimena Mendoza, José Luis Cortés, María Cerdá Acebrón, Martín Núñez y Nuria Montiel) that presents free monthly non-profit events in the street. La Galería de Comercio deals only with the capital it can garner from its members' energy and time, besides the support of neighbors and passersbys. La Galería de Comercio has received neither grants, scholarships nor allowance from any public or private institutions. Nor has it received prizes nor distinctions, but it has received lots of backing from friends, relatives and some other animals. La Galería de Comercio lives and works in Mexico city, in the corner of José Martí and Comercio streets, in the district of Escandón.

In this interview independent curator and writer Raquel de Anda speaks with the collective about the group's background, their collective relationship with the art world and how it sees is its role within the larger public sphere of Mexico City.

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