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Artificial Emotions 2.0

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Imito: Zapping Zone by Diana        Domingues

Problemarket by Davide Grassi        and Igor Stromajer

Digital Snow by Jean Gagnon        and Anne-Marie Duguet

Unknown Quantity by Andrei Ujica       and Johannes Fischer

Unknown Quantity by Andrei Ujica       and Johannes Fischer
Itaú Cultural,
Aug 11, 2004 - Oct 13, 2004
São Paulo, Brazil

Artificial Emotions 2.0
by Virginia Gil Araujo

With some works taking up to forty minutes to conclude there was, all of a sudden, an entertaining and informative work for impatient audiences to interact with. Keeping with the proposal of experience and participation, and beyond the predominantly dark space of the projection cube, the work L’Mito: Zapping Zone contrasts technology with pop and kitsch in a démodé environment, full of objects associated with a series of celebrities which may be read through bar codes. Such diffuse and funny aesthetics were broadcast at the show’s entrance by neon billboards that evidence mass culture extravagance turning celebrities into consumer products. Similarly, Diana Domingues’ and Grupo Artecno’s (from Universidade de Caxias do Sul) work mocks consumerism as it explains it as the "lost link of current times".

Lastly, I should mention the discursive historical core, and within it the major presence of Fred Forest (France) with his Un Musée d’Artiste en Ligne, as well as Anne-Marie Duguet’s coordinated DVD, Muntadas: Media, Architecture, Installations.

We must take into account that although the Artificial Emotion 2.0 Biennale is a timely initiative, it still must perfect its basic social aim, that of audiences access to all the works, on both the practical and theoretical level as well as with better and more efficient equipment maintenance - an ever-present problem at Brazilian art and technology exhibitions.

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About the Author
Virginia Gil Araujo holds a PhD in Art History from the Escuela de Comunicación y Artes de la Universidad de Sí¢o Paulo (ECA-USP). She lives and works in Sí¢o Paulo

Virginia Gil Araujo tiene un Doctorado en la Historia del Arte en la Escuela de Comunicación y Artes de la Universidad de Sí¢o Paulo (ECA-USP). Vive y trabaja en Sí¢o Paulo.

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