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Medusa Marinara by Vik       Muniz

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Vik Muniz

Medusa Marinara by Vik       Muniz


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(b. Sío Paolo, Brazil, 1961; lives and works in New York City).
This Brazilian photographer works with a variety of media that test commonly held notions of reality and photographic verisimilitude. Muniz transforms non-conventional materials such as dirt, chocolate syrup, sugar, wire, and thread into what he calls "photographic delusions." Muniz’ optical and social investigations are influenced by sources such as optical illusions, photo-realist paintings, sight gags, ab-stractions and real life chance happenings. The materials chosen for each project are not arbitrary. For example, in using sugar to depict the children of fieldworkers on a sugar plantation tells more of a story about each life by using the actual commodity the fieldworkers produce. Muniz’ works also challenge the priority of the object and the permanence and value of the reproduction. He often destroys his images after he’s captured them on film.
He was selected for the 2000

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