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Saint Jeronimo by Juan       Soriano

Portrait of Rafael Solana by Juan       Soriano

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Juan Soriano

Portrait of Rafael Solana by Juan       Soriano


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(b. Guadalajara, Mexico, 1920) He held his first one-man show at the age of 14 in Guadalajara before moving to Mexico City in 1935. Essentially self-taught, he worked first as a portraits of the cultural elite. Until 1954, when he traveled to Europe with Diego de Mesa, he painted a wide range of subjects, including landscapes and theatrical and magical pictures of Baroque archangels holding flaming swords, processions and boys and girls in ambiguous situations.

Soriano made frequent visits to Europe, living for rime in Rome and later settling in Paris. From 1954 to 1974 he painted in a semi- abstract style which combine an identifiably Mexican spirit with a Mediterranean sense of light and color in place of the finely drawn outline by which he had previously enclosed the volumes.

Soriano also executed ceramic and bronze sculptures including a monumental Bull installed on the banks of the Rio Grijalba, marking the entrance to the parque Garrido Canábal in Villahermosa

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